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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.

Pre Raphaelite Lens

In the 1840s, a group of British painters calling themselves the Pre-Raphaelites came of age. Although this movement was commonly considered one associated with painting, it had a profound influence on photographers who were steadily gaining a foothold in the arts during that time. Photography’s incredible ability to capture every
minute detail and shade of light forced painters to see in a different way, desperate to make their work more “modern”. In turn, photographers took the Pre-Raphaelite concepts and subject matter (pulled from history, religion and literature) to create their images.

Having a high devotion to both poetry and beauty, I have pulled inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite “Lens” paying homage to photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Rodger Fenton and many other lesser-known photographers. Paying close attention on how to observe the female face and figure in the natural world helped to create a visual relationship between subject and the world surrounding
her. I wish not to completely replicate the paintings and photographs from the Pre-Raphaelite period, but to simply pull from the purity, sincerity and clarity found in their works of art.

Growing up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, I have always had a close connection with nature. I grew up playing in the forest and running around with bare feet through miles of cornfields. I feel that is important to see beauty in every day life, in all moments of the day, especially during the golden hours before sunset. Having experienced those special moments of when the light travels through the forest
just right—when the clouds part to create golden rays that soak the earth. Even seeking inspiration in the early morning when the river is still cool from not seeing the suns warmth. I’ve memorized those perfect moments and incorporated them in my photography.

Placing a single female figure to wrap the beauty all together;

she is representing everything that is pure and beautiful in the world.