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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.

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The daily positive : Day 1

Katie Hennessey

So you may have heard the news! I accepted my dream job offer and now work at the Terrain home office, located in the Navy Yard of Philadelphia. Terrain specializes in all things garden and home, and is a sister store of Anthropologie. I have been at my new job for officially one month on this very day! I am the studio product photographer, so every image that you see on the website, I take, along with some lifestyle photographs as well. I work with an amazing team of creatives who are innovative, caring, and passionate about what they do. From the very start I have been blessed with welcoming hearts. I can't thank them enough for helping my transition period go smoothly!

I've hit some rough patches this past month while adjusting to life in the city again. I've been sleeping on an air bed, with no furniture, I feel completely alone while I come back to my empty apartment, sometimes the work load is overwhelming .I don't have internet at my place quite yet, so  I'm using my phone right now to type this. It's pretty bare bones here! I'm learning to live minimally and also to be thankful for what I have.  I just got a radio, and I listen to Klove every minuet of the day when I'm here. The christian radio station helps me keep a positive outlook and fills the empty apartment with happiness. Little things like this make such a huge difference.  I find myself singing the songs while I'm at work, turning them into a prayer. It helps!

I use my mornings and evenings to pray and read. This season in my life is strange- exciting, overwhelming.. The Lord really knew the desires of my heart, and helped me come this far. There must be something great planned on the horizon because I can feel myself getting stronger. I'm thankful for being able to rest soundly in the hands of my savior and for the great support system I have back home--even if they are miles and miles away.

to new beginnings!