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Life After Graduation

Katie Hennessey

The dreaded question. "What are you doing now that you're finished with school? " That's what everyone is asking. I find it hard to talk about myself and sometimes I avoid the question because of the overwhelming thought of it. What AM I doing? These past 10 months flew by like sand through my hands. Trying to clench tight, but the tighter I hold on, the faster it goes.

  • Lately I need to remind myself to take time and enjoy the simple moments as they happen. God is telling me to be still and listen. So many good things are happening constantly that it would be such a bummer to not notice it. Don't worry, live for today. Have faith. The Lord will provide, in his time. never a moment earlier, never a moment later.
I want to show women that they are beautiful, worthy of praise and are loved unconditionally. I strive to build confidence, increase self-worth and inspire women to be positive thinkers, mothers, daughters and friends.

Some exciting things in the works lately. Remember a few blog posts ago when I was trying to dissect the reason why I'm so drawn to photograph women? Some crazy God - stuff happened last month. There's really no other way to explain it. I'm forever thankful for all of the people that I meet who have encouraged me to dream, to push further than I'm willing to go, and lift me up when I'm feeling down.

But first, Here's a little back story:

I applied several times to Anthropologie after graduating from the Art Institute, landed several interviews at their headquarters in Philadelphia. Funny enough, I actually made a connection with one of the photographers who works at Terrain while she was in the middle of a styled shoot. We exchanged cards, and she hooked me up with my first official interview (thanks Isa!) I applied to be apart of the visual merchandising team, photographing clothing on models. My dream job. I received a phone call back several months later (out of the blue) receiving information that their lead photographer saw my portfolio and loved what he saw, thus, another interview. A few drawn out weeks later, they were still in the decision process of choosing the right team member. I later found out that I was "first on their list" of people to contact when another opening arises, but they chose an Internal team member to fill the position. I was bummed. I felt like total crap. But I decided not to give up and keep pushing forward. 

In the meantime I continued my dream, scheduled styled shoot on my own time, collaborating with local hair and makeup artists. I attended an awesome workshop in California (Yeah! Field Trip), networked with so many awesome talented photographers. It rained. Oh, did it rain! But we had fun-- I traveled with my best friend, Marisa. We road tripped for 8 hours up to Monterey, then back to Santa Barbra. This was my first time in California. I haven't blogged an official story from my time there yet, but you can see more photos of my time there HERE.

Just as I was about to feel hopeless about my finances and dealing with school loans, busy summer landed on my lap with a plethora of opportunities.  My mom always says "don't give up before the miracle." and that's exactly what happened. Right when I was accepting my fate, coming to terms with the possibility of having to work in a coffee shop to pay my bills or sell lemonade on the side of the street, God piled on top of me a basket of opportunities. All things that I am passionate about, that feed my creative heart and challenge my mind. Things that have to do with what I love most : Photography.

Images  photographed by Katie Hennessey while working for Char Co.

Time in between running my own very busy freelance business photographing seniors, weddings and couples engaged, I joined the Char Co. team. in February, I was added onto the team as an associate photographer. They hired me on board part time / as needed. I'm in their studio only a few days a month but have learned and realized so much about running a business, how important it is to network and build friendships with other creatives in the industry, and what it takes to put together a styled shoot. Char is an absolutely amazing woman, a mother, business owner, and an over all go - getter. You can learn more about the team by here.

This was taken at the True To You Workshop!

During my week days when I'm not shooting, creating wedding timelines,  meeting with potential clients or grabbing a drink with a bride, I'm working for a wedding outsourcing company called Eclectic Pixels. Doug and Melania own the company and are the most genuine people. I'm blessed to be apart of the team, earning extra money and editing photographers work from all over. This, however has fueled my coffee addiction because I spend a lot of time behind the computer!

Phew. That's a little summary of what I've been doing lately. But there's way more news on the way pertaining to the quote in the beginning of this little entry. Stay tuned for the big news, my new friendship with Imagine Goods and traveling over seas this fall to document the story behind the company !