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For High School Seniors

Katie Hennessey

Images in this post  were photographed by Katie Hennessey while working for  Char Co.

Images in this post  were photographed by Katie Hennessey while working for Char Co.


You made it! Four years of high school are coming a close and you are anxiously awaiting graduation. It is springtime, the earth has finally thawed from winters chilly frost and the seedlings are spouting. Mother natures continuous promise of new beginnings cycle in seasons, just as you have moved through each unique year of high school. Continuously growing, learning and overcoming obstacles. Just like the seedlings victoriously sprout up through the dirt, reaching their leaves towards the sun — you are embarking on a new adventure of life, a great one!

Five things you should know before you graduate :

1. Never sell yourself short

    You were created for a purpose, you have dreams for a reason, and you are destined for greatness. That doesn’t mean that the path will always be smooth, and you won’t have things served to you on a silver platter. Tough situations build our character and teach us valuable lessons. Sometimes the seas will get rough, but push forward & keep the faith. It’s always so worth it in the end.

2. Reward yourself

    As you move forward through all the necessary steps to graduate (senior projects, finals, college applications) be sure you treat yourself and pat yourself on the back! You have accomplished so many things, have grown in several ways, and are stronger than you were before. Remember when you were so nervous to give presentations in front of the class, and now you’re a pro at it? Recognize your achievements, they shouldn’t go unnoticed! 

3. Take the time to be still

    This is something that I still have trouble with, but it’s something that is needed on a daily basis. Take the time to sit quietly, without your phone or computers and breathe. There is no doubt that this can be a stressful time in your life, so take a few minuets out of your day to reflect who you were, who you’ve become, and who you want to be. Thank those who have helped you achieve your goals thus far, and be thankful for everything that is going well.

4. Recognize your strengths & work on your weaknesses

    Are you awesome at communicating your crazy ideas about fashion and style to your friends, or are you super passionate about helping people in need and lending a helping hand? Do you find that you tend to be shy around those you don’t know or get nervous in new situations? Try combining the things you love with things that you need to work on to challenge yourself to grow. That way overcoming fears is a little easier (and might be a little fun!). For example : help out at a women’s shelter and donate clothing, volunteer your time at a local fashion event who is raising money for breast cancer. 

5. Set Goals

    At this point you have realized that staying on top of your agenda is super important. Handing in school assignments on time help your GPA, and running after school helps keep your stress levels down and shaves off time on your monthly mile run during gym class. Keep setting small goals for yourself as you approach your senior year of high-school so that you can keep your dreams in sight! There is seriously never a dream too big !