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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.

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Katie Hennessey


Hello! It's me, Katie! I take my job very seriously.. It's more than simply making beautiful photographs. I want to show women that they are beautiful, worthy of praise and are loved unconditionally. I strive to build confidence, increase self-worth and inspire women to be positive thinkers, mothers, daughters and friends.

I’ve been trying to hit the nail on the head—where I want my business to go, who I am as an artist, and what I strive to do as woman of God, who holds a camera in her hands. Even if we don’t share the same beliefs- that’s totally cool with me! But there is something specific that has been on my heart since starting school in Philadelphia. Discovering beauty apart from vanity, and sweetness apart from passivity. Let’s begin my discussion on femininity and see where it leads: this will be a 4 part series! Excited to see how this turns out. Stay tuned !