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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.

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Katie Hennessey

Add some color to those lips!

1) peachy nude, baby pink & classic red are my go-to colors when I want to add something extra to an every-day look. Because of my fair skin in the wintertime i like to top off the pink shades with a nude gloss. Surprisingly enough, that middle pink shade isn't as shocking as you'd think.



Choose a color that matches your personality

2) I haven't painted my nails in a while because I rock climb, but when I do, I stick to very neutral shades. These are all L'Oreal nail polishes which are super affordable, and last a decent amount of time (up to a week if finished with a good top coat like butter London's).

A touch of Whimsy

3) This Scent by Marc Jacobs is something every lady should own in my opinion. It reminds me of springtime, fresh wildflowers and running bare with feet on soft grass. Fresh, sophisticated, and whimsical. I'm into it!

4) An absolute necessity for me is prepping my face with a good moisturising foundation. One that is not cakey, thick or sticky. I love Lancome's Tient Visionaire because it includes an awesome concealer which is located on the top portion, that perfectly matches my skin tone. This foundation is ideal for me because it allows my skin to breathe, but at the same time it also has buildable coverage. I can't tell you how many times I've received compliments on my skin: this is the trick,ladies! You want to be natural, not caked up with layers!