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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.


The simple life | Photography by Katie Hennessey

Portland, Maine

Katie Hennessey

Kevin and I have always been adventurers. We decided to spontaneously drive up to portland Maine on a whim in the middle of the night, slept in our car at a truck rest stop, and awoke early in the morning in a completely new place. Portland is a modest little town comprised of mom and pop shops, small businesses and amazing food (it’s true what they say the Lobster there is amazing). One of our favorite places that we visited was in Cape Elizabeth, where the Portland Head Lighthouse sits. We felt so small as we climbed the tall rocky cliffs that surrounded it, overlooking the Casco Bay. It’s always a humbling experience sitting in natures beauty and feeling a sense of insignificance. 

I definitely recommend any nature lover to experience the beauty of Maine. It is filled with tall evergreens, birch trees,and beaches that share its space with rocky cliffs. It’s a great change of pace in comparison to the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia. I hope to visit again soon!