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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.


The simple life | Photography by Katie Hennessey

Be Versatile

Katie Hennessey

One thing that I've learned professionally.
 Be Versatile. 

Many of you know that I balance quite a few freelance opportunities and work a full time job at the same time. During my week days between 9 & 5PM, I photograph for URBN,INC for a brand called Terrain. That doesn't mean that I'll turn down any awesome opportunity if it's thrown at me. My mentality? I'll try everything at least once. Like great food, career opportunities are worth exploring. That is the only way we grow, learn, fall & scrape our knees, and morph into the person God made us to be. I shoot food for local restaurants, I photograph events for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I partner with non profits, teach students (young and old), mentor young entrepreneurs & photograph weddings on the weekends.. some things I love to do more than others. And I know this because I tried them all. I "do it afraid" as my mom always says.

Don't turn down opportunities because you've never done it before, or because you're afraid. Trust yourself! My viewpoint is always to just "go for it" with confidence that I will do a great job, because I trust myself and my abilities. 

My portfolio is full of variety and my network of professionals is wide because of my eagerness to try new things. Always, always push yourself. Never give up on your dreams. Never sell yourself short. Know your limits and test the waters. There are Plenty of opportunities out there if you are willing to work for it.

I received my hard work ethic from both of my parents.. which is almost a blessing and a curse. My mom worked night shift and attended school at the same time she raised both me and my brothers. My Dad jumped on any opportunity he could (within reason) to help put food on the table and keep the lights on. They both shifted their focus and made their dreams their jobs, my mom a wonderful Nurse and my Dad an awesome fixer upper of ANYTHING you put in front of him, owning his own business working on boats,sky is the limit. Now they are both making strides on accomplishing a new dream of owning a farm , and because of their hard work ethic it's slowly coming true.  

With that being said, don't put limits on yourself. Push yourself every day to try something new, try new opportunities that make you scared and make your heart beat a little faster. You'll thank yourself one day.