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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.


The simple life | Photography by Katie Hennessey

It all started with a dream

Katie Hennessey

I've been pushing myself to do something I've always been afraid of, and I'm so proud of the outcome. I've been working with local models, hair stylists & makeup artists.. people who are beautiful, inspiring, and unique. Each person contributes a little piece of themselves and I am so thankful for their help..and also for believing in me and my vision. I've been filling my time sketching out ideas finding inspiration in daily life, researching new lighting techniques in crowded coffee shops, and forcing myself into studio portraiture at the end of the day. Something that I don't do often but I find myself falling in love with. If I can give one piece of advice to any budding photographer it would be to always try something that you're scared of. It takes practice to be good. It takes patience. But I promise you, it will be worth it!

Above is an example of a simple, clean editorial retouch and slight color enhancement using photoshop. This would be a type of edit that you would see in vanity fair. Notice how I intentionally kept Jessi's laugh lines. My objective is not to completely blur her skin making it look plastic and fake, but to enhance her best features. Below is in-camera blur (45 TSL) using off-camera flash. I'm really excited about these, guys! 

MUA: Patricia Solis 
Model : Jessi Nash