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The simple life | Photography by Katie Hennessey

Happy 2014!

Katie Hennessey

I know I'm a little late on the bandwagon for 2014 blog posts.  This year I'm so excited and a bit nervous to be faced with new challenges, adventures and opportunities. I'm human.   I think it's important that I show that. My heart sings when I’m able to connect and communicate with my clients on a personal level about their own hopes,dreams and fears. The bottom line is that  I want to be your friend. Your photographer. Your fly-away fixer,lipstick toucher-upper, and encourager( yes, you ARE beautiful).  Now that January is almost (Ahh!) coming to a close, I hope that you are well on your way to accomplishing those resolutions. I pray that you’re facing the ones that get your heart racing a little faster, get your palms a little sweaty, and make you a little anxious (but just don't forget to breathe-okay?). God wants us to be happy, but I’m not sure if he wants us to be *comfortable*— because he longs for us to NEED him and also to TRUST his plan. I'm not promising that this year will be easy. There will be times when the fog is thick and you can't find your way.  Sometimes it won't make sense at all. But I promise that if you take the leap of faith, you'll find yourself closer to your goal than if you never started. Do.It.Afraid (he's got you!). 

Some things that I'm excited about in 2014:

  • Going to California with my best friend, Marisa on a photography FIELD TRIP, where we will be exploring and photographing for a week straight in Santa Barbara. This will be my first time ever on the west coast and I'm super excited. ( I even considered buying a one way ticket! )
  • Meeting my boyfriend, Kevin's family on the West coast (2nd Cali trip!). So excited to finally meet everyone who he talks about on a daily basis!  Hoping to explore the redwoods and climb a little at Joshua tree while we are there. Hoping to explore the nooks and crannies of the mountains up north and bask in the sunshine at Big Sur. It is our long term goal to one day move out west together!
  • Creating a DIY/Makeup blog (which might also include awesome recipes I've tried out from Kinfolk (this will be a weekly thing, guys!)
  • More intentional time with God & also to find a church to attend regularly (after moving from Philadelphia).
  • Re-connect with old friends & make lots of new ones.
  • Go on at least 4 big adventures! (check,check! just 2 more to go)
  • Get on a better sleep schedule (okay, that was a little boring).