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Photographer. Philadelphia,PA.


The simple life | Photography by Katie Hennessey

The way home

Katie Hennessey

On the way home from Greg and Charlene's wedding last weekend it started to rain.
The pastures were so beautiful, so lush and green. The grey clouds were slowing moving in and covering the sky, shadowing the earth from even the tiniest sun ray. I saw these cows(?) speckled throughout the pasture and stopped my car to take a few photographs. I love my town, I love the countryside. I love how the earth smells, how the grass feels beneath my feet.

 Most of all, I love the Lords constant reminder that radiates within my heart that he is here with me to share in this joy.

It is when we notice the dirt that God is most present in us;
it is the very sign of his presence.
-C.S Lewis

Lancaster, PA
© 2013 Katie Hennessey